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For My Valentine: Red Velvet Cake Roll Up

I found a recipe for a red velvet cake roll-up this week and was over-the-moon excited. One, it is red so basically it is a built in Valentine dessert and two, it happens to be my Valentine’s favorite kind of cake. Bonus!

I thought this weekend would be a good test run. So I followed the directions exactly, mixed the dry first.

Mixed the wet ingredients plus the sugar. By the way, how creepy does that food coloring look???

Heated up some cherry soda (per the recipe!) reduced it down and added to the other wet ingredients. Then slowly added the dry until just combined. It seemed awfully soupy, but I went with it.

The cake baked completely lopsided, which still seemed okay. See how the left side is really thick and the right side is next to nothing?!?

Rolled her up in a towel to cool completely and got cracking on the cream cheese filling.

Cream cheese, heavy cream, sugar, and almond extract = amazing. Just add and whip together until fluffy.

Then it was time to unroll the cake, add the filling, and roll back up. Ready??

Yep. This is what I found. Probably because I used gluten free flour which never seems to hold together right. Who knows. So what did we do?

Slathered those puppies in filling and stacked ’em up! Delicious. Ugly to look at, fantastic to eat. Don’t try this at home kids.

Dessert is served. Happy Valentine’s Day love!

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