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Basil Grilled Shrimp Recipe

For Christmas my husband got me one of the best gifts I have ever gotten: a two-sided stove top grill and griddle. Seriously, I always wanted one after watching Giada grill salmon or bread but probably would have never purchased it. It is fantastic. It does everything!

I made lemon pancakes – my specialty!

I grilled chicken.

Then one day I opened the drawer and saw wooden skewers and thought – grilled shrimp!? So we tried it.

I mixed up some basil (I cheat here and use the tubed kind, simply because it stays longer), lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, and garlic to season the shrimp. Soak the skewer before you put it on the shrimp if you think it is at all possible that there might be an open flame (like if you cook these babies outside!) and then push the shrimp on carefully. We use frozen raw shrimp because our grocery store only carries “fresh” shrimp cooked. Oh, and Alton Brown told us as long as they are thawed properly they are just about equal to fresh – love Good Eats!

I brushed the shrimp with the seasoning mixture on both sides and the popped them on the grill.

They need about 2-3 minutes per side, but cook them until they start to get pink. Careful here, too long on the grill and you will eat rubbery shrimpies!

We paired our grilled shrimp with boiled and salted red potatoes and veggies – the balance of the basic red potato and the bright, citrusy shrimp is fan-tastic but you could pair with just about anything. Even tossed on a salad would be great!


Pinterest Wednesday: Food Edition

Yup, it is Wednesday again! Yay for only two more days until the weekend! Today I wanted to pin all the foods that make me happy. From pasta to dolmas we enjoy it all in our Greek household. I hope you are hungry!

I am linking up with The Vintage Apple today for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays – be sure to check it out! And if you didn’t get to see the Christmas Edition of Pinterest Wednesday from last week you can still enjoy right here!

Be sure to stop in tomorrow for the big bathroom reveal, a tiny bathroom with big style!

Source: theberry.com via Robin on Pinterest


Nuts About You!

I love my friends, I really do. They make me laugh like no one does, they support me, they cheer for me, and they allow me to share in their lives with them – I could not ask for better people in my life! This year I decided to show them how much I love them by making them small gifts to take home from our Fakesgiving celebration. Here is the tutorial on the sweet almonds I made, so easy you are going to love them! Be sure to make extra for yourself because they are snacksational!

Cinnamon Sweet Almonds


1 cup of sugar
3 cups of almonds (shelled)
1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon
1/4 cup of water


All you have to do is mix everything together in a sautee pan over medium heat. Don’t stop stirring until the sugar is crystallized! You will know when this happens – if this is the first time you have done something like this you may be unsure like me, but I promise, the minute it happens you will know! The syrupy-mixture stops looking like syrup and turns grainy.

Spread the almonds out on parchment paper to cool and try a few! They cool quickly, the biggest challenge will be not eating them all!

You can make these a few days in advance, just be sure to keep them in an airtight container. I split the almonds up in to 8 ounce jars (from The Container Store) and put the lids on to stop munching on them.

To make the jars look better cut burlap to fit over the lids and then a pretty ribbon to secure the fabric. Add a little tag with a holiday greeting or the receiver’s name and voila! instant stylish gift!

I had the best time making these and I was so happy with the final product. Tasty and cute – perfect for our friends! I will definitely be giving these gifts out again (Christmas is right around the corner!!).

Homemade Egg Rolls: Success!

We were invited to a Japanese-inspired dinner party this weekend and told to bring whatever we wanted to share with the group. I thought long and hard, trying to come up with something that was gluten free, tasty, and (of course!) went along with the theme. At first I decided to bring a dessert, but I could not find anything that really spoke to my tummy. Then I saw it: egg rolls. I am not sure if it is Japanese, but its definitely Asian enough to slide by.

In order to make my egg rolls gluten free I would have to make my own wrapper as every packaged wonton-ish wrap contains gluten (that I could find).

Bummer.Challenge accepted.

I found this recipe for wontons created by Nicole, author of Gluten Free On A Shoestring, and decided I would give it a try. I grabbed some ideas from other recipes for egg rolls and came up with (thankfully) a winning combination!

All you need for the wontons is 1 cup of gluten free flour, half a teaspoon of xanthan gum, an egg and an egg white beaten together, and 2 tablespoons of warm water. I tossed everything in my stand mixer and it came together nicely. It will be somewhat sturdy but smooth – not crumbly! If it seems crumbly add more warm water.

I rolled everything out in between plastic wrap but could not manage to get a decent shape going. Every edge was jagged, but hey, it adds character!

For the mixture I used 3 cups of shredded cabbage and carrots, onion, celery, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, garlic salt, cooked  shrimp, and black pepper. I cheated here and bought a bag of shredded cabbage with carrots in it, like what you would use for coleslaw.

Cut them in to whatever shape you want to use and fill ’em up! Tuck the ends in and roll tightly, taking care not to rip them. I did this many times, just use some extra pieces and patch them up, no biggie.

Here is one rolled and ready for the oven (or fryer). It happens to be a pretty one, just for you.

I baked the rolls after brushing them with butter or oil for about 30 minutes at 400 degrees. I don’t own anything to fry in and I attempted to fry the second batch in a regular pan with no thermometer and all hell broke loose (see the one right by the prongs of the fork? he was fried). My kitchen and I decided they would all now be baked, splattered oil is no fun to clean up.

Here is the yummy inside, sorry the picture is blurry, I was busy eating!

Here are some of them in action, amongst the other goodies. They didn’t last long, so I assume everyone enjoyed them as much as I did! Give them a try and let me know what you think! Do you put anything more interesting in your egg rolls?