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Felt Flowers

They say like mother, like daughter. And they don’t joke. My mum has become an addict to these felt flowers and I recently thought “what the heck, I’ll try one too”. Now I think we need to attend meetings together. I am guessing she found the tutorial at iCandy Handmade (another of her addictions!)… and I am not sure whether to thank Autie at iCandy or blame her for the abundance of felt flowers… either way try this and you’ll see what I mean! All you mommies of little princesses: this is perfect for a Valentine photo!! Headbands, skirts, t- shirts, and blankies beware!

Cut a pattern out of cardboard to the size you want – really you can do any shape. Even a flower with defined petals works, so play around with the cuts and see what you prefer. I also suggest making a medium and large version so that you have the same look, just different sized blooms.

Cut out five of your shapes, all of the same size. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect, it will turn out just fine when you put it together!

Get your matching thread ready and choose some buttons or beads for the center of the flower. My favorite options are the buttons that have the loop below rather than the holes that are visible, they are much easier to sew on and look perfect no matter what.

Select one of your five cutouts as the base and lay it flat. Take a second one and fold it in half and lay it on the base cutout.

Continue folding the remaining three cutouts in half and laying them on top of each other around the base – see picture below.

The final cutout is the trickiest part of the entire project: tuck one side under the initial half you laid down. Think of this petal like closing a paper box, where you tuck the final flap under one side of the other. Your flower should look like a pie cut in four pieces now.

Grab your needle and thread and come up through the center, going back down through the tip of each piece of the “pie”.

Attach your button or bead in the center of the flower and knot the thread at the back of the flower, just like sewing on a button.

Ta-da! Gorgeous! Perfect to pin on a t-shirt, slide on to a headband for baby, or glue to a picture frame for extra pizazz.

I made bunches of them and have NO idea what I am going to do with them all! Here is a Valentine sample of my lovelies.

V-Day Printable from The 36th Avenue.

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