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Pinterest Wednesday

It is that time of the week: Pinterest Wednesday! In honor of the New Year I am trying to get organized (ha!). I am always finding ideas for gifts, crafts, or recipes but I am soooo unorganized that I either forget about them or can’t find them. Pinterest is a great resource for grouping all of your ideas in one place so now the challenge for 2012 is to DO them!

Here are some of my favorite ideas from Pinterest that are totally doable – I just need to do them! I plan to work on these over the next few weeks so stay tuned for the results!

I am linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday – stop by for some other great pins! Drop a comment and tell me what you are working on now!

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Pinterest Wednesday: 2012

The first Pinterest Wednesday of 2012!! Here’s to pretty things I want to do, make, be… and Happy New Year Pinning to you all!

Also, Happy birthday to the loveliest mother there is… my mom turns another year young today! If only I could make that pretty cake for her!

I am linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple today for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday – check it out!

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Guest Post: DIY Christmas Wrapping

Holy smokes it is Christmas! Well, almost. What does that mean? Time to get in to a frenzy and wrap those presents. Ready. Set. Wrap! Tired of the same old paper and stick on gift tags? Then hold on tight!

I have a treat for you today: my friend for years and fellow blogger, Stephanie, is dropping by from Femmena Mala today for a guest post! She is super creative and her blog is nothing but fun. Check out her post on her amazing Christmas Wrapping (just in time for the holidays!) and be sure to stop in at her blog and say hello!

Bathroom Reveal

We recently did a mini-overhaul of our bathroom. You may recall from this earlier post that we had a lot of work that needed done. Well, we finally did it! We can check a few things off of our to-do list, hooray!

First we finished the door trim. Because of the damage from our bathroom demolition three years ago, it was not an easy task. We had the damaged pieces cut out of the trim and new pieces of wood “fitted” in. It turned out amazing. Better than I could have ever hoped.



We installed a custom oak threshold to finally finish off the tile-to-hard wood transition to the hallway – I am not sure why we didn’t do this sooner!



Our previous bathroom redo ended up with an off-center, too-big light in our tiny tiny bathroom, making it impossible to ever look finished. It always looked sad, no matter what we did, the light had to be fixed. So we got a new light! And centered it on the mirror, woo hoo! (sorry this pic was before I painted!)

We also got a new mirror, which made the room look much bigger and also made me realize how much I hated the previous mirror. Then we got a new vanity to match, I am so in love with the darker wood!



Finally we added a window sill to the window. Seems like a dumb change, but it makes a tremendous difference. It looks like someone actually planned the look of the bathroom instead of just walking away from a project.



And voila! New bathroom! What do you think? Still looking for some cute bathroom art and decor, but we are much closer to calling this room finished!

DIY Burlap Wreath

To me, fall decor must include a wreath. It is so nice to have something fun to see right when you come in the door. During my craft store run to get the supplies for the cinnamon almond gift jars for our friends I also picked up the supplies for my DIY wreath.

I have seen tons of burlap wreaths on Pinterest and wasn’t sure how I was going to make the wreath, so I bought a few things to give me options. I knew I wanted it to be burlap, so I got enough for the jars and a wreath. I also grabbed some ribbon, a glue gun, and a wooden “V”. It was pretty easy and I love it! Looks great on the front door!

At first, I tried an idea I had found on Pinterest using a wire hanger. This is how it turned out:

Back to the drawing board. I had a foam wreath form, so I wrapped that with the burlap. I glued the ends of the strip in order to keep the fabric in place.

I experimented with some small pieces of burlap and tried different ruffles, bubbles, and whatever else I could think of. I settled on cutting the burlap in about 3 inch squares (more like rectangles, but I did not measure, just eye-balled and cut). I scrunched each square on one end and hot glued.

Just wing it, however you like. I spaced each “ruffle” about an inch apart so they overlapped. If one felt loose I gave it extra glue. Then I glued the “V” on.

I tied the ribbon on and let it sit over night before hanging it – just to make sure the glue held. Here is the finished product – I love it! What do you think?

Mini-Project: House Number Spruce Up

I recently went on a DIY rampage (when the bar was being demolished) and started coming up with little projects I could tackle ASAP. I have wanted to paint or replace our house numbers for some time now, so I finally did it!

They are some sort of brassy, metal but are great quality, sturdy old numbers so I figured painting should be my first plan of attack. Here is the before picture:

So I went and bought some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint from Rust-oleum at the hardware store and went to town! I grabbed a garbage bag and a piece of plywood from our garage and placed the numbers on top of the garbage bag so the spray paint wouldn’t go everywhere. The wood was just for convenience so I could just pick up the numbers and move them in to the garage to dry.

The screws were super tiny, but I wanted them to get painted too. I wasn’t sure how to get them painted but something reminded me of a post that I think I saw on the Young House Love blog and I ran to the pantry. I stuck the screws in a box like this:

Worked like a charm!!

After a few coats and a lot of drying time I sprayed a clear coat or two on everything and let it dry some more. The clear coat does say I will have to do this about every 6 months, but its super easy so I am okay with that.

Here is the finished product:

Gorgeous! They are now dark and stand out against the white of the door frame and they also have just enough sparkle to catch your eye. I am sure no one else notices the change, but hey, the entire picture is what matters to me!

Raising the bar

Yep, that’s right, we’ve started a big project. We’re raising the bar! We have begun demolition on what we lovingly refer to as the breakfast bar. And, oh my, I remembered to take pictures! Here is what she looked like before:

Not pretty. The dark grout always makes me feel like it is dirty and I have no idea what that little flower on the tile is all about.

Here is the mid-demo shot:

Already coming along! Okay, not really, but at least progress has been made.

As for what we are doing after the demo is done I am not really sure. Here is a picture of the tile I was thinking of laying back down on the bar itself (with our current counter in the background to see how it looked).

And two possibilities for the backsplash around the entire kitchen and on the wall portion of the breakfast bar.

We also are considering something like this, which I found here:

I have an obsession with beadboard, plus it seems easier and cheaper. Two of my favorite qualities.

We also considered leaving the wall portion solid and just painting, but given this view of the plaster the tile left behind, I am not sure how that will go.

What is your vote?? Too many options for me to choose!

A DIY Staycation

Last week I took a week off and decided I was going to get ALL of my projects done. I planned to accomplish as much as I could during the week before starting a new venture in order to feel caught up, calm, and accomplished. Well, that was the goal. Instead I created chaos. But in our house, chaos means progress – so I’ll take it!

Here are some snap shots of what was accomplished this week (some tasks were not even on the to-do list), what didn’t get done (but got started!), and the new projects I added to the never-ending to-do list (oops).

Project 1: Refinishing the stairs

I thought sanding would be the easy part of the step refinishing project. Kind of like demolition of a room – it is always easier than putting it back together! Sanding, however, is not so easy (or maybe just for me). The steps look better but not great, and we are not even half way done with sanding all of them!

Steps Before Sanding

Steps After Sanding

Project 2: Kitchen re-do complete (finally)

We have slowly worked on our kitchen, completing bits and pieces here and there since we bought the house. We are finally done with all necessary updates, but of course I never consider a room “finished” they are all a work in progress! A few weeks ago we got our new matching stove and this week we bought and installed the range hood.

Stove BeforeKitchen Before

Kitchen After

Up Close of Range Hood

Project 3: TV Stand

We re-did our basement and moved the awesome TV stand down to complete the room, leaving our upstairs TV sitting on an old coffee table (not pretty). I think I had finally forgotten about the TV Stand until last week…. then I remembered how ugly it was! So we bought and assembled a new one. Please excuse the dog bed on the left, the door was broken and is being sent to us, so we tossed the bed in there when we vacuumed!)

TV Stand in Living Room

New Project: Guest Bedroom/Office

Due to a recent upswing in my business, I decided it was time to get the guest bedroom/office in shape so that I have somewhere to work (aside from the dining room table). This week the nasty carpet came up, to reveal semi-decent hardwood. It will need refinished, toe molding added, etc but it feels better already! Here comes the office of my dreams! (A post on the plan for the office will come later).

Guest Room Hardwood Floor

So far nothing has been checked off the to-do list, but progress has been made! There were also some painting projects that went on this week, the progress was boring, but when it is done I will update with pictures. A week in the house alone writing and DIY-ing brought life to many more ideas and projects that I can’t wait to get started on – I can feel my husband cringing now!