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Dresser Makeover

Awhile ago I was asked to makeover a dresser for a little girl’s bedroom. The dresser was pretty basic, just plan wood with no detail and metal drawer pulls. There were not many guidelines for the makeover, I was given free reign to just make it better (which I love!).

This dresser needed some detail added to make it interesting, and my first thought was adding trim to outline each drawer.

Of course I forgot to take a true “before” shot because I was too excited to get started, but I remember after I had removed the handles, sanded it down, and added trim to the drawer fronts.

My weakness is measuring and cutting wood. Adding trim to this dresser was going to be a challenge, but how can you get better with out a few mistakes right!? I grabbed some trim, measured the drawers, and busted out my mitre saw.    I used gorilla glue and small nails to attach the trim to the drawer fronts – careful here, the trim has a tendency to bow so make sure you get the right cuts so it lays perfectly flat.

Another note (since I made this mistake more than once) be sure you get the correct angles cut on the trim so that the corners come together right. I cut the wrong way a few times and had to throw out some of the trim!

After the glue was dried and trim was looking good I went to town on the paint! The sides, top, and trim were painted white and the inside of the drawer fronts became yellow.

The sides and top of the dresser took a TON of coats to look good, if I had to do it again I would have used a primer and paint mix to make it go faster!

I also took the original handles and spray painted them white because I could not find handles that were already white that would fit the existing holes – I was not up for the challenge of filling the old in and creating new!

Here is the after – loaded with kid things, so they must like it!!

What do you think? I love the final product and it looks great in the little girl’s room!

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