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Making this little place pretty.

Dresser Makeover

Awhile ago I was asked to makeover a dresser for a little girl’s bedroom. The dresser was pretty basic, just plan wood with no detail and metal drawer pulls. There were not many guidelines for the makeover, I was given free reign to just make it better (which I love!).

This dresser needed some detail added to make it interesting, and my first thought was adding trim to outline each drawer.

Of course I forgot to take a true “before” shot because I was too excited to get started, but I remember after I had removed the handles, sanded it down, and added trim to the drawer fronts.

My weakness is measuring and cutting wood. Adding trim to this dresser was going to be a challenge, but how can you get better with out a few mistakes right!? I grabbed some trim, measured the drawers, and busted out my mitre saw.    I used gorilla glue and small nails to attach the trim to the drawer fronts – careful here, the trim has a tendency to bow so make sure you get the right cuts so it lays perfectly flat.

Another note (since I made this mistake more than once) be sure you get the correct angles cut on the trim so that the corners come together right. I cut the wrong way a few times and had to throw out some of the trim!

After the glue was dried and trim was looking good I went to town on the paint! The sides, top, and trim were painted white and the inside of the drawer fronts became yellow.

The sides and top of the dresser took a TON of coats to look good, if I had to do it again I would have used a primer and paint mix to make it go faster!

I also took the original handles and spray painted them white because I could not find handles that were already white that would fit the existing holes – I was not up for the challenge of filling the old in and creating new!

Here is the after – loaded with kid things, so they must like it!!

What do you think? I love the final product and it looks great in the little girl’s room!

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DIY Dry Erase Board

I am obsessed with chalk boards, dry erase boards, bulletin boards, you name it and I am ALL about trying to make one myself. I found a frame I loved and knew it was time to try one! This project could not get any easier and leaves you with an adorable way to be organized (or leave a love note!).

All you need is a frame, pretty paper, decorations of choice (or nothing) and a dry erase marker! This makes a fantastic and thoughtful gift, so pick something that matches a friends’ decor and give one away too.

I thought the frame looked good on its own, but a few DIY rosettes couldn’t hurt, right? So I grabbed a left over sheer curtain to make them – you could use an fabric you have.

You’ll need a glue gun or some fabric glue and a lot little patience. Start by knotting the end (see above picture!) and then begin to twist the fabric. Once you have a little fabric twisted start wrapping it around the knot and every once in awhile dabbing glue to hold it in place.

You will also need a helper. Or someone to lay on the fabric so it does not get away.

Here are the completed rosettes – so pretty! Both turned out pretty well, one was more of a bowl shape and I am not sure how it got that way.


I then added pearls and hot glued the rosettes to the frame. Easy peasy.

I think the rosettes made the dry erase board way more fun! I hope to make more rosettes for some other Pinterest inspirations, so this was also a great test run.

A little shabby chic, but oh so cute!

DIY Coaster Project

Remember last Wednesday when I promised in the Pinterest Wednesday post I would finally do those DIY Pinterest projects?? Well I tried one. I attempted to make the coasters while watching some lovely reality tv: two birds with one stone!

For this project I knew I needed some basic ceramic tiles, Mod Podge, paper and felt. And that is about it. So I gathered some materials, a “top coat”, and my cardboard working space and winged it.

I slapped some Mod Podge here and there, traced squares on to the paper and generally made myself a hot mess.

I had Mod Podge on my new manicure (humm, still do as I write this!) and paper edges curling up to the ceiling. Maybe I should have researched and found a tutorial or something??

I pushed down all the edges until they seemed dry and stuck to the tile – the thinner paper definitely worked better. I decided to stick with my black and white theme, so stay tuned for another version of these tiles too!

The final coat of spray made these little babies shiny and water proof (I hope!) and I think they will still need another coat or two.

Glued the felt on the bottom so that the tiles don’t scratch up your coffee table and voila! New Coasters!

So cheap, kinda easy… if you are like me you will need to be sprayed down after using Mod Podge, but hey that is some of the fun, right? Stay tuned for round two – it can only get better!

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DIY Lighting Makeover

Lighting is my arch enemy. I find it impossible to find something I am in love with, but can also afford… Which means I have been searching for replacement lighting for our entry way for a very long time. The entry light is more than dated, its old, ugly and has way too much gold (or is that brass??).

Yuuuck. Gold with etched glass, what could be better? Well, anything really.

Feeling desperate since this is what you see when you first come in the door I thought I would try and makeover this light myself before diving in to a new one. Inspired by months of searching and hoping for lights like this one from Pottery Barn, I knew it was time.

Enter spray paint and handy husband.

We popped this light down (they easy part of the project) and I went to work. Lessons learned: they are serious when they say don’t spray paint below 50 degrees outside and cats love little pieces, keep them in a jar!

First obstacle became the etched glass. How in the world can you make this modern and fun?? Since this light was a test run (meaning if it didn’t work out I would just buy a new one!) I threw caution to the wind and decided to paint the glass pieces. Frosted glass!

Then I spray painted the light fixture itself (out in the 25 degree weather, brilliant!). Hung the little beauty to dry and hoped for the best! Note: when spray painting lights wrap any exposed wires and stuff the sockets with something so the paint doesn’t get in.

There were a few hiccups due to the cold weather, but overall we made it out without a scratch! Getting the light back in the ceiling was truly challenging, especially because we attempted this in the dark with a flash light since our old house has all viable lighting for the first floor on one circuit.

Ready for the big reveal??

Love at first sight.

Great news: it worked and I love it!!! Bad news: the big kahuna awaits.

What do you think of the entry light makeover? Worth the $10 of spray paint?

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DIY Subway Sign Art Featured on Knock Off Decor

Today our DIY Restoration Hardware subway sign art project from this post was featured at Knock Off Decor! Be sure to stop by and check out all the awesome projects they feature – it will keep you very busy!

Thank you again to Beckie for featuring our project, we hope others enjoy it as much as we do!

DIY Restoration Hardware Art

I am in love with everything at Restoration Hardware Everything. However, the price tag on most items is nothing to laugh at – holy cow that place is expensive! So every time I go browsing at the mall I make sure to swing through Restoration Hardware and just soak up the good decorating vibes – and hope for an idea…

I have been in love with the subway sign art that I see everywhere (google it, they are every where!) but I especially love the ones at Restoration Hardware. I decided to try it out, white words on a black background couldn’t be too hard, right?

Here was my inspiration from Restoration Hardware (for holy-smokes $850…what?!!?):

I wanted a more dramatic look, with the words all being the same width, just different sizes. I also decided, since this was going in the kitchen, to do food related words in different languages. So my husband and I picked out words, some got a little silly, and we went to town in photoshop.

I had a frame that I thought would be perfect so we created our photoshop art to be the perfect fit. I highly recommend knowing what size frame you are using before you do this – it makes everything a lot more simple! We printed the finished product at our local photo shop for only $9.99!!! Picked it up an hour later, trimmed the sides, and voila! Perfect knock off art for almost nothing!

I absolutely love it. So easy and so cheap! And now, when I get sick of it in two years I won’t feel bad replacing it either… it’s a win-win folks!

What do you think?? Have you done any DIY knock off art?

The Bar is Raised

I know, you’ve been waiting. Almost too long. But here it is – the big reveal of the breakfast bar and backsplash! I was hoping to wait and show you a picture perfect, clipped from a magazine kitchen but time has gotten away from me. And suddenly the kitchen has been sitting for weeks without new paint on the walls. I still think you will be impressed.

Do you remember what the bar looked like before? Check out the demo here.

Beautiful. Not!

So we ripped her out and put in a new one. Out with old and hello, baby in with the new! I decided to embrace the green (ish) hue of the counter and picked out a fancy new tile.

What do you think? I am in love. It is almost too pretty to use. Almost. The wainscotting or beadboard backsplash turned out way better than I even expected it to, and so cost effective!

We added crown molding which I highly suggest to anyone looking for a cheap way to add character to any room. We hadn’t thought of adding it before, but once we got on a renovation kick we couldn’t stop. Well, until we did.

Before and after:

It feels so fancy compared to what it was, but the molding calls for new paint on the walls to make it really pop.

Our windowsill is finally a sill and the trim detail around the window is perfection. My little plants will have room to breathe!

Simple touches and a lot of hard work and we have a brand new kitchen! We finished painting the bead board after I took this photo and the trim is now crisp white. I plan to paint the walls some sort of beige and one wall with a bright color to bring some crazy to the kitchen. What color would you choose?

Mirror Makeover

Our basement bathroom is embarrassing. It has been scary since the day we moved in. The floor is ugly laminate with weird purple stains like someone’s finger painting project went awry, the vanity is about 400 years old with an ugly yellow sink, and the walls are a blue that just isn’t acceptable. The mirror is one of the worst offenders, held on the wall with those little clips.

I have been on the lookout for a new mirror for quite some time but have yet to find a mirror I like and is affordable. So when we did our upstairs bathroom makeover and replaced that mirror, I decided to try some DIY before buying anything.

I grabbed the spray paint from the house number spruce up project and set up my work area. First I covered the mirror with old magazine pages to keep the paint from getting on it and I grabbed an old plastic shower curtain to protect my deck.

All you have to do is slide the edges of the magazine between the mirror and the frame and then randomly tack them down with tape to prevent a tragedy if the wind blows!

I spray painted a few coats and then let it dry for hours. Then I moved it inside and forgot about it. Oops! I love the Oil Rubbed Bronze look, it’s dark but shiny for a little bit of glamor.

I remembered the mirror yesterday evening and decided to put it on the wall. It looks fantastic in the bathroom!  It is slightly better looking in that bathroom now, but still scary. One step at a time!

And yes, I do in fact realize that plug is horrible looking, I just don’t know what to do with it yet! Any ideas?

Bathroom Reveal

We recently did a mini-overhaul of our bathroom. You may recall from this earlier post that we had a lot of work that needed done. Well, we finally did it! We can check a few things off of our to-do list, hooray!

First we finished the door trim. Because of the damage from our bathroom demolition three years ago, it was not an easy task. We had the damaged pieces cut out of the trim and new pieces of wood “fitted” in. It turned out amazing. Better than I could have ever hoped.



We installed a custom oak threshold to finally finish off the tile-to-hard wood transition to the hallway – I am not sure why we didn’t do this sooner!



Our previous bathroom redo ended up with an off-center, too-big light in our tiny tiny bathroom, making it impossible to ever look finished. It always looked sad, no matter what we did, the light had to be fixed. So we got a new light! And centered it on the mirror, woo hoo! (sorry this pic was before I painted!)

We also got a new mirror, which made the room look much bigger and also made me realize how much I hated the previous mirror. Then we got a new vanity to match, I am so in love with the darker wood!



Finally we added a window sill to the window. Seems like a dumb change, but it makes a tremendous difference. It looks like someone actually planned the look of the bathroom instead of just walking away from a project.



And voila! New bathroom! What do you think? Still looking for some cute bathroom art and decor, but we are much closer to calling this room finished!

Joy to the World

Christmas is here! Finally! Or already? Either way, I am glad to see it arrive. Christmas is my favorite holiday, ever. I get to decorate, bake, give gifts and most importantly see my family (a bunch). Oh, and I am annoying with the Christmas songs, I sing ’em loud and proud, much to my husband’s dismay.

The day after Thanksgiving I wasted no time – grabbed the Christmas decorations and went to town (with my Christmas Pandora station at full blast). The tree and the mantle are always my biggest priorities, so those come first. I love decorating the mantle because I can get creative and it is what you see right when you walk in the door.

This year I added lights to the evergreens – I have never used the plug on the mantel before. Why have I never done this?! Love the look, cheery, bright and gives that holiday glow to the room.

The finished product, what do you think:

What is your favorite thing to decorate for Christmas?

I am sharing my holiday home decor and cleaning tips for the chance to win prizes from The SITS Girls and Great Cleaners.