Feeling Crabby Mac N Cheese

Hello, my name is Leah, and I am addicted to pasta and cheese.  I have a love affair with macaroni and cheese. Which is why I die for this recipe. Easy, comfort food for the entire family and still pretty healthy, minus the 20 lbs of cheese…


Pasta (I use quinoa pasta so it’s healthy and filled with protein)
Lots of freshly shredded cheese
Sour cream (about a 1/2 cup)
2 tbsp butter
Splash of milk

Cook broccoli as you usually do, I steam mine in a small amount of water with the lid on. Get the broccoli out before it gets soft at all – you do not want mushy broc!

Shred the heck out of some cheese. I mean shred and then shred some more. Unless you don’t like cheese, but who doesn’t like cheese? I used cheddar and mozzarella, but pick your faves here or what you have on hand.

Make your pasta and drain it about 2 minutes before it is done, as you are going to bake the entire dish later.

Mix the pasta, cheese, sour cream, butter, splash of milk and a little salt and pepper in a large  bowl. Once it is mixed well enough dump in broccoli and crab meat and then spread out in a baking dish. We sometimes use real crab meat and sometimes for a deal we use faux crab meat, go with what you like or use grilled chicken!

Bake this dish for about 20 minutes or until the cheese mixture gets bubbly. I did a thin layer of parmesan cheese on top to give a sort of “crust” which you could omit or even go heavier on, total preference. Serve immediately but also stores well!

If you want to lighten this meal up, use fat free sour cream and milk and omit butter. The pasta is packed with protein, the broccoli and crab are super healthy, and the cheese is just a bonus. Enjoy and PLEASE let me know what you think!


One response to “Feeling Crabby Mac N Cheese

  1. Yum. I too have a love affair with any noodle and cheddar!

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