Sneak Peek: New Project

This weekend we attempted to redo the floor in our basement bathroom. Should have been easy peasy. So hubby started ripping out the old toe molding and laminate floor so that we could start fresh. As he got closer to the toilet everything started to feel “soft”.

Not a good sign. (Do you see the purple-ish marks in the laminate floor? I guess we should have checked on those before…)

Eventually we found some lovely water damage all around the toilet. The vanity is ruined (because it sits right on the ground, so the water got it too) and the floor needs replaced.

Guess we are renovating the entire bathroom!! So much for an easy project… And how much do you love the previous owner’s paint job??

Stay tuned though, we are attempting to make this the fastest bathroom overhaul in the history of home improvement! I also apologize for the horrible photos – the before I dug up somewhere since I forgot to take those this weekend and the after are crappy because I was in between rounds of tears due to the new finding.


One response to “Sneak Peek: New Project

  1. Ack! What a terrible thing to find – hopefully everything goes quick!

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