DIY Coaster Project

Remember last Wednesday when I promised in the Pinterest Wednesday post I would finally do those DIY Pinterest projects?? Well I tried one. I attempted to make the coasters while watching some lovely reality tv: two birds with one stone!

For this project I knew I needed some basic ceramic tiles, Mod Podge, paper and felt. And that is about it. So I gathered some materials, a “top coat”, and my cardboard working space and winged it.

I slapped some Mod Podge here and there, traced squares on to the paper and generally made myself a hot mess.

I had Mod Podge on my new manicure (humm, still do as I write this!) and paper edges curling up to the ceiling. Maybe I should have researched and found a tutorial or something??

I pushed down all the edges until they seemed dry and stuck to the tile – the thinner paper definitely worked better. I decided to stick with my black and white theme, so stay tuned for another version of these tiles too!

The final coat of spray made these little babies shiny and water proof (I hope!) and I think they will still need another coat or two.

Glued the felt on the bottom so that the tiles don’t scratch up your coffee table and voila! New Coasters!

So cheap, kinda easy… if you are like me you will need to be sprayed down after using Mod Podge, but hey that is some of the fun, right? Stay tuned for round two – it can only get better!

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2 responses to “DIY Coaster Project

  1. These turned out really cute! I have plenty of coasters, but I wonder if I could use decorative tiles anywhere else in my home.

  2. These are really cute! Love the papers you chose!

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