DIY Lighting Makeover

Lighting is my arch enemy. I find it impossible to find something I am in love with, but can also afford… Which means I have been searching for replacement lighting for our entry way for a very long time. The entry light is more than dated, its old, ugly and has way too much gold (or is that brass??).

Yuuuck. Gold with etched glass, what could be better? Well, anything really.

Feeling desperate since this is what you see when you first come in the door I thought I would try and makeover this light myself before diving in to a new one. Inspired by months of searching and hoping for lights like this one from Pottery Barn, I knew it was time.

Enter spray paint and handy husband.

We popped this light down (they easy part of the project) and I went to work. Lessons learned: they are serious when they say don’t spray paint below 50 degrees outside and cats love little pieces, keep them in a jar!

First obstacle became the etched glass. How in the world can you make this modern and fun?? Since this light was a test run (meaning if it didn’t work out I would just buy a new one!) I threw caution to the wind and decided to paint the glass pieces. Frosted glass!

Then I spray painted the light fixture itself (out in the 25 degree weather, brilliant!). Hung the little beauty to dry and hoped for the best! Note: when spray painting lights wrap any exposed wires and stuff the sockets with something so the paint doesn’t get in.

There were a few hiccups due to the cold weather, but overall we made it out without a scratch! Getting the light back in the ceiling was truly challenging, especially because we attempted this in the dark with a flash light since our old house has all viable lighting for the first floor on one circuit.

Ready for the big reveal??

Love at first sight.

Great news: it worked and I love it!!! Bad news: the big kahuna awaits.

What do you think of the entry light makeover? Worth the $10 of spray paint?

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8 responses to “DIY Lighting Makeover

  1. Great make over! I am impressed at people with these sort of skills.

    Thanks for stopping by Two Washingtons!

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  3. Looks great. I have a similar problem but am terrified of taking the fixture down and then rewiring.

    • If it helps at all, we are not at all handy… we managed to muck up a ceiling fan and had to call in reinforcements, but this project was pretty easy. We use the label maker and label one wire so we know how to put it back together, otherwise, it is just a matter of twisting the wires apart (and back together) and making sure the power is off! Also, we have the Black & Decker Wiring 101: 25 Projects you can do yourself book and it was a HUGE help in learning some basic projects.

  4. Spray paint works wonders, doesn’t it?! Great transformation! 🙂

  5. Looks awesome! What paint brands and colours did you use?

  6. Yes! Major improvement. . . good job. I am getting ready to tackle some fixtures in my home. Thanks for sharing.

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