DIY Restoration Hardware Art

I am in love with everything at Restoration Hardware Everything. However, the price tag on most items is nothing to laugh at – holy cow that place is expensive! So every time I go browsing at the mall I make sure to swing through Restoration Hardware and just soak up the good decorating vibes – and hope for an idea…

I have been in love with the subway sign art that I see everywhere (google it, they are every where!) but I especially love the ones at Restoration Hardware. I decided to try it out, white words on a black background couldn’t be too hard, right?

Here was my inspiration from Restoration Hardware (for holy-smokes $850…what?!!?):

I wanted a more dramatic look, with the words all being the same width, just different sizes. I also decided, since this was going in the kitchen, to do food related words in different languages. So my husband and I picked out words, some got a little silly, and we went to town in photoshop.

I had a frame that I thought would be perfect so we created our photoshop art to be the perfect fit. I highly recommend knowing what size frame you are using before you do this – it makes everything a lot more simple! We printed the finished product at our local photo shop for only $9.99!!! Picked it up an hour later, trimmed the sides, and voila! Perfect knock off art for almost nothing!

I absolutely love it. So easy and so cheap! And now, when I get sick of it in two years I won’t feel bad replacing it either… it’s a win-win folks!

What do you think?? Have you done any DIY knock off art?


6 responses to “DIY Restoration Hardware Art

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  2. Saw you on Knock off Decor and I love this! It looks even BETTER than the original!

  3. I agree, it does look better than the original and more interesting – my brain is trying to figure out what all those words mean!

  4. Thank you! It is a mix of languages and just random food words we liked ha!

  5. Hello! My daughter is DYING to have this kind of subway art all over her room. Could you explain in a little more detail what you did to create the words – did you just pick a black background and put white words in different fonts on it? And in what format and where did you take it to get printed – kinkos, staples, officmax? If you happen to have a spare moment, and could help me out, my daughter and I would be eternally grateful! Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

    • Darrah: Do you have photoshop or another program like that? It is going to make this turn out best if you use a good program like that so that it is crisp and clean… I can walk you through how to do it in photoshop (or something similar) if you have it or if you prefer we can do a custom listing for you in our etsy shop… let me know, feel free to email me and we can talk offline 😉 – (just go to contact @ top of page). Thanks for stopping by!

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