Mirror Makeover

Our basement bathroom is embarrassing. It has been scary since the day we moved in. The floor is ugly laminate with weird purple stains like someone’s finger painting project went awry, the vanity is about 400 years old with an ugly yellow sink, and the walls are a blue that just isn’t acceptable. The mirror is one of the worst offenders, held on the wall with those little clips.

I have been on the lookout for a new mirror for quite some time but have yet to find a mirror I like and is affordable. So when we did our upstairs bathroom makeover and replaced that mirror, I decided to try some DIY before buying anything.

I grabbed the spray paint from the house number spruce up project and set up my work area. First I covered the mirror with old magazine pages to keep the paint from getting on it and I grabbed an old plastic shower curtain to protect my deck.

All you have to do is slide the edges of the magazine between the mirror and the frame and then randomly tack them down with tape to prevent a tragedy if the wind blows!

I spray painted a few coats and then let it dry for hours. Then I moved it inside and forgot about it. Oops! I love the Oil Rubbed Bronze look, it’s dark but shiny for a little bit of glamor.

I remembered the mirror yesterday evening and decided to put it on the wall. It looks fantastic in the bathroom!  It is slightly better looking in that bathroom now, but still scary. One step at a time!

And yes, I do in fact realize that plug is horrible looking, I just don’t know what to do with it yet! Any ideas?


3 responses to “Mirror Makeover

  1. I don’t have any ideas for your plug 😛 But I do like how you so simply changed something old into something new and fresh! Sometimes when you DIY you forget that it doesn’t really have to be complicated, less Can be more 🙂

  2. Mirror looks fantastic. You could switch out the plug to a different color. I’m currently in the process of switching all mine to white in my home! (I have a blogpost about it here http://www.myexhaustingadventure.blogspot.com/2011/09/playing-with-electricity.html). It was scary at first working with electricity, but it really wasn’t that difficult. Be careful because yours is a GFCI outlet from what I can see. Also I saw on Pinterest where someone covered an outlet with scrapbooking paper using ModgePodge. Hope that helps!

  3. A coat of paint does wonders ! Great job 🙂

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