DIY Christmas Ornaments

Christmas, being my favorite holiday, inspires me to create. I want to craft all day long! I want to keep them, I want to give them away. I found some “DIY Christmas” crafts on Pinterest, blogs, and Christmas books that I was gifted years past and decided one of my projects would be ornaments.

I made a few different types, basically sampling the ideas to see which I did not mess up (as much), and planned to put them all on my tree. Once I got a few done though, I could see how cute they would look nestled in a gift basket or tied on a beautiful gift. Perfect gift idea for someone who requires a more meaningful gift and appreciates homemade goodies!

The best part of this project is that it only cost about $6! I started with a cheap pack of plain glass ornaments and used items I already had to create some pretty cute ideas!

I wrapped a few ornaments with twine to give a natural Christmas feel. The twine I had was sort of imperfect: it was thin in some areas and bulky with extra fibers in others. I love the character this ornament has! The only thing I can suggest is to get thicker twine, this took forever!

Get your hot glue gun ready and wrap! Just dab a little to start and secure the twine and then dab as you wrap around the ornament. Careful not to pull too tight, it will create gaps in the wraps.

To hang the little guy I grabbed left over ribbon from my burlap wreath project and tied it on. Pretty little finish!

I painted the other ornaments white, some solid and some flecked as if it had snowed. Both turned out well and you can get super creative with what you paint on or put inside. To paint them I used white spray paint that I had and rigged this set up to make things easy:

The neighbors think I am crazy now but this worked like a charm! I used grilling skewers and stabbed them into a planter on the deck to hold the ornaments up. It is trial and error with the paint, but give it a whirl you can always cover it up if you don’t like it!

I painted on a “V” (for our last name!) on to the all white ornaments and I stuffed the snowy ones with burlap. Really you can do anything you want, just make sure it is small enough to get in there without breaking the glass.

Don’t forget to add the date so you know when you made these! I think this is our new family tradition and we will make a set every year to give and keep!

What crafty tradition does your family have?

Thanks to Bower Power for some of these ideas and the inspiration of others!


One response to “DIY Christmas Ornaments

  1. How beautiful! I expecially love the monogrammed and twine ornaments!

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