Bathroom Reveal

We recently did a mini-overhaul of our bathroom. You may recall from this earlier post that we had a lot of work that needed done. Well, we finally did it! We can check a few things off of our to-do list, hooray!

First we finished the door trim. Because of the damage from our bathroom demolition three years ago, it was not an easy task. We had the damaged pieces cut out of the trim and new pieces of wood “fitted” in. It turned out amazing. Better than I could have ever hoped.



We installed a custom oak threshold to finally finish off the tile-to-hard wood transition to the hallway – I am not sure why we didn’t do this sooner!



Our previous bathroom redo ended up with an off-center, too-big light in our tiny tiny bathroom, making it impossible to ever look finished. It always looked sad, no matter what we did, the light had to be fixed. So we got a new light! And centered it on the mirror, woo hoo! (sorry this pic was before I painted!)

We also got a new mirror, which made the room look much bigger and also made me realize how much I hated the previous mirror. Then we got a new vanity to match, I am so in love with the darker wood!



Finally we added a window sill to the window. Seems like a dumb change, but it makes a tremendous difference. It looks like someone actually planned the look of the bathroom instead of just walking away from a project.



And voila! New bathroom! What do you think? Still looking for some cute bathroom art and decor, but we are much closer to calling this room finished!


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