DIY Burlap Wreath

To me, fall decor must include a wreath. It is so nice to have something fun to see right when you come in the door. During my craft store run to get the supplies for the cinnamon almond gift jars for our friends I also picked up the supplies for my DIY wreath.

I have seen tons of burlap wreaths on Pinterest and wasn’t sure how I was going to make the wreath, so I bought a few things to give me options. I knew I wanted it to be burlap, so I got enough for the jars and a wreath. I also grabbed some ribbon, a glue gun, and a wooden “V”. It was pretty easy and I love it! Looks great on the front door!

At first, I tried an idea I had found on Pinterest using a wire hanger. This is how it turned out:

Back to the drawing board. I had a foam wreath form, so I wrapped that with the burlap. I glued the ends of the strip in order to keep the fabric in place.

I experimented with some small pieces of burlap and tried different ruffles, bubbles, and whatever else I could think of. I settled on cutting the burlap in about 3 inch squares (more like rectangles, but I did not measure, just eye-balled and cut). I scrunched each square on one end and hot glued.

Just wing it, however you like. I spaced each “ruffle” about an inch apart so they overlapped. If one felt loose I gave it extra glue. Then I glued the “V” on.

I tied the ribbon on and let it sit over night before hanging it – just to make sure the glue held. Here is the finished product – I love it! What do you think?


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