Chocolate Leaves

Nothing says “It’s Fall!” like leaves, so I thought these chocolate maple leaf candies would be a perfect take-home goody for our friends at Fakesgiving. Who doesn’t love chocolate – especially when it is so pretty! I picked out chocolate melting discs in fall colors and used the idea from Pinterest that I posted about a while back and got to making some candy. A little wine, some good music, and patience is really all you need. Give these little leaves a try, you won’t be sorry!

All you need are melting chocolate discs in any colors you choose, maple flavoring, and candy molds. I used yellow, orange, and brown like these leaves I saw here and followed their directions to make the leaves turn out multi-colored instead of poop brown. Although I did over mix a few times and ended up with maple leaves the color of baby poo. Oh well, they still taste yummy!

Melt your chocolates discs in a double boiler, lightly mixing. I tried to line my colors up next to each other and only mix each color with itself – this worked better than my first attempt at mixing them together where they turned brown (first attempt is below!).

Once the chocolate is melted, mix in the maple flavoring. I was told to only use a drop or two, but I could not taste any maple! So the next couple batches I added a lot more – add until you get the taste you are looking for (yep, you are going to have to sample a few!).

Quickly spoon the chocolate in to the molds (do so carefully, so they don’t mix!). I used the tap method religiously: literally fill with chocolate and tap the mold as many times as you need to on the counter to get the chocolate to settle. I then popped the molds in the fridge for about 30 minutes or so to harden. The chocolate leaves come out of the molds very easily, almost like an ice cube in an ice cube tray (remember those?) just be careful not to break off delicate stems if your mold has them. I lost some stems. I ate them so as not to waste any chocolate. The losses may or may not be intentional :).

I packed these in to a pretty box lined with parchment paper and tied them with a bow. These are so special, both in taste and appearance, that they make excellent gifts. A perfect way to show someone you care.

The finished boxes matched the jars of almonds perfectly and made an awesome little display that worked as decoration for the party! See how to make the almonds here.


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