Mini-Project: House Number Spruce Up

I recently went on a DIY rampage (when the bar was being demolished) and started coming up with little projects I could tackle ASAP. I have wanted to paint or replace our house numbers for some time now, so I finally did it!

They are some sort of brassy, metal but are great quality, sturdy old numbers so I figured painting should be my first plan of attack. Here is the before picture:

So I went and bought some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint from Rust-oleum at the hardware store and went to town! I grabbed a garbage bag and a piece of plywood from our garage and placed the numbers on top of the garbage bag so the spray paint wouldn’t go everywhere. The wood was just for convenience so I could just pick up the numbers and move them in to the garage to dry.

The screws were super tiny, but I wanted them to get painted too. I wasn’t sure how to get them painted but something reminded me of a post that I think I saw on the Young House Love blog and I ran to the pantry. I stuck the screws in a box like this:

Worked like a charm!!

After a few coats and a lot of drying time I sprayed a clear coat or two on everything and let it dry some more. The clear coat does say I will have to do this about every 6 months, but its super easy so I am okay with that.

Here is the finished product:

Gorgeous! They are now dark and stand out against the white of the door frame and they also have just enough sparkle to catch your eye. I am sure no one else notices the change, but hey, the entire picture is what matters to me!


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