Monthly Archives: September 2011

A DIY Staycation

Last week I took a week off and decided I was going to get ALL of my projects done. I planned to accomplish as much as I could during the week before starting a new venture in order to feel caught up, calm, and accomplished. Well, that was the goal. Instead I created chaos. But in our house, chaos means progress – so I’ll take it!

Here are some snap shots of what was accomplished this week (some tasks were not even on the to-do list), what didn’t get done (but got started!), and the new projects I added to the never-ending to-do list (oops).

Project 1: Refinishing the stairs

I thought sanding would be the easy part of the step refinishing project. Kind of like demolition of a room – it is always easier than putting it back together! Sanding, however, is not so easy (or maybe just for me). The steps look better but not great, and we are not even half way done with sanding all of them!

Steps Before Sanding

Steps After Sanding

Project 2: Kitchen re-do complete (finally)

We have slowly worked on our kitchen, completing bits and pieces here and there since we bought the house. We are finally done with all necessary updates, but of course I never consider a room “finished” they are all a work in progress! A few weeks ago we got our new matching stove and this week we bought and installed the range hood.

Stove BeforeKitchen Before

Kitchen After

Up Close of Range Hood

Project 3: TV Stand

We re-did our basement and moved the awesome TV stand down to complete the room, leaving our upstairs TV sitting on an old coffee table (not pretty). I think I had finally forgotten about the TV Stand until last week…. then I remembered how ugly it was! So we bought and assembled a new one. Please excuse the dog bed on the left, the door was broken and is being sent to us, so we tossed the bed in there when we vacuumed!)

TV Stand in Living Room

New Project: Guest Bedroom/Office

Due to a recent upswing in my business, I decided it was time to get the guest bedroom/office in shape so that I have somewhere to work (aside from the dining room table). This week the nasty carpet came up, to reveal semi-decent hardwood. It will need refinished, toe molding added, etc but it feels better already! Here comes the office of my dreams! (A post on the plan for the office will come later).

Guest Room Hardwood Floor

So far nothing has been checked off the to-do list, but progress has been made! There were also some painting projects that went on this week, the progress was boring, but when it is done I will update with pictures. A week in the house alone writing and DIY-ing brought life to many more ideas and projects that I can’t wait to get started on – I can feel my husband cringing now!