Lists, lists, and more lists.

So I thought I would start things off by listing my never-ending to-do list; it may serve as motivation but it will definitely overwhelm! Some of the projects, like the upstairs bathroom, have been ongoing since we bought the house (over three years ago!). Not something to be proud of.

We have had a few things working against us since we bought our home: we are not very handy, have little experience doing home improvements and a very limited budget, just like most new home-owners. The limited budget means we have to learn to tackle these tasks on our own versus hiring someone, so bring on the self-help books and how-to-do-anything for idiots!

Now that we have successfully accomplished a few things (with family members’ help of course) we have a little more confidence that we can do bigger projects on our own. The key: on our own. We have also learned the hard way not to count on someone else to complete our projects (read bullets one and two below!)

Without further ado, here is the list!

House To-Do List:

  • Finish bathroom trim (upstairs)
  • Finish basement bar built-in
  • Fleur de lis wall decal up (where?)
  • Bathroom sign
  • Paint bathroom (upstairs)
  • Refinish stairs
  • Motorcycle gear storage
  • Replace bathroom light fixture (upstairs)
  • Replace bathroom mirror (downstairs)
  • Fleur de lis hooks up (bathroom? Kitchen?)
  • Organize built in bar in dining room
  • Carpet up on landing
  • Organize/decorate desk in guest room
  • Closet doors in bedroom
  • Re-do mantel (round mirror, matching candle stick on each side?)
  • Make laundry room not scary (finish wall, ceiling, re-do shelves)
  • Decorate front stoop (topiary, new numbers, rug)
  • Refinish railing on porch (rust spots)
  • Cork ball project (Pinterest)
  • Mail organization (wall hanging, binder, bin/bucket)
  • Media Console for upstairs living room – DIY apothecary console?
Stairs to be refinished

Lovely hard wood stairs to be refinished!

After running my first 5k in April I got home feeling like I was on top of the world, I had done it! So naturally this made me rip up the carpet on the stairs. Weird, yes. But it needed to be done! The carpet was from the previous owners and looked disgusting, not to mention the pet hair stuck in it. So I did it. But never finished the project…

Built-in bar in the basement, needs a lot of work.

This was started, well, I have lost count on how many months ago… we were considering putting in a built-in under the basement stairs (it was just a regular wall) and next thing I know we are hammering our way through the dry wall, just to see what is inside. So far so good, tons of room under the steps and we even found a cabinet that had been dry-walled in! Now we need to finish painting, build the wine rack for the left side, and get a small fridge for the right side. The top shelf will be for wine and beer glasses. Party room!

Upstairs bathroom trim, still not done.

The minute we got in to our new house (three years ago) we gutted the upstairs bathroom. Completely re-did it. Looks great, except we never finished the door trim. Lovely right?
So, now you know some of the projects we have cut out for ourselves! I promise we will work on it and share the progress.

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